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Most of us wear several hats, depending on the need. Cheers allow us to recognize each other and express our thanks when we help each other or when we notice someone doing well in a certain area.
Nick, at Teneo Linguistics Company
Create a culture of recognition
Companies with great cultures keep great people on board-- and we know that for a fact! We found that well-recognized employees are 27% more likely to stay on than their peers. Create a culture that celebrates your best people!
Increase teamwork and productivity
Did you know? Well-recognized employees rate their coworkers 13% higher. People work harder when they are part of a team they are proud of. And you can send Cheers to anyone, whether they are on your team or not.
Celebrate a job well done
Our research shows that employees who had received recognition in the last 2 weeks rated their manager’s performance as 10% higher than those who hadn’t! Now’s the perfect time to let an employee know they did a great job.
Your peers have the truest insight into what you're contributing, your willingness to help, and the value of your work. That is why peer recognition has so much meaning. Everyone builds the culture in their day-to-day interactions with each other. "Cheers for Peers" is a big part of that.
Andy, at

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